Safe and Effective Ways to Clean your Roof


Entire neighborhoods can be affected by moss and algae problems. This is because the wind or animals carry moss and algae spores from one rooftop to the next. One of the most severe impacts of moss is leakages. Moss seriously affects asphalt shingle performance by causing them to curl up and blow off.

Algae don’t actually cause harm to your roof structure; however, they can seriously downgrade the appeal of a building. Additionally, cleaning algae on a regular basis can result in a shortened lifespan of your roof because of loosened granules on your shingles. This makes it so important to be aware of how proper cleaning of a roof is done so that you do not have to undergo the cleaning procedure repeatedly.

What are Roof Shingles?

Not everyone is aware of the roofing materials used in modern construction. Some are even unsure about whether they have a shingle roof or not. Fortunately, it is easy to spot shingle roofs.

Sloped roofs are typically made from shingles. Hence, if your roof is flat, it is quite evident that it is not a shingled roof. Shingled roofs are most popular in the US and are typically made of asphalt. Shingles might also be made from slate, or in some cases, even wood can be used.

Prevention of Algae Formation

Roof cleaning services can clean your roof professionally, not only enhancing its appearance but also increasing the lifespan of your roofing. Here are a few methods that are employed by professional roof cleaning service providers:

Algae Resistant Shingles

Algae-resistant shingles have been high in demand ever since roofing manufacturers have started to mix copper granules to roofing products. When replacing your roof, this is an important demand to make, since it can prevent algae formation by a huge degree.

Chemical Cleaning

Chemical cleaning is a popular method employed for the removal of algae stains on roofs. Although algae stains return occasionally, a routine cleaning won’t harm your roof however repeated use of tough chemicals and pressure washing can severely damage and shorten the lifespan of asphalt shingles.

How to Clean Roof Shingles?

To clean your roof without damaging it, it is essential to use low pressure. Many professional roof cleaning services use special pressure washing equipment. Softwashing your roof is also a popular and effective technique to clean your roof. Here are a few reasons why you need professional roof cleaners:

  • Prevention of serious injury from falling,
  • Experts are usually trained which ensures the safety and efficient cleaning,
  • Your roof system remains protected while softwashingFor the protection of your best interests, a professional company will have the necessary insurance.

The Best SoftWash Roof Cleaning Services

One of the most important reasons to hire professionals for this job is to stay safe from serious injuries and death. Get in touch with the best flat roof cleaning professionals in Surrey using the link below:

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